Havana Teems with Graphics

Photo Feature by Caridad 

Entrance to a pharmacy.

HAVANA TIMES, August 28 — Havana teems with those phrases written on walls, on papers, signs and posters.  Any place is appropriate to hang a “mural” of the neighborhood Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).

These murals are usually pieces of cardboard with some old clippings from newspapers and/or photos of political leaders and martyrs (also from the old newspapers) and sometimes a Cuban flag.

But there aren’t only these murals.  The administrators — or whatever you want to call those in charge of cafes, stores or pharmacies — they all find it “appropriate” to link political posters with the products they supply.

Certain phrases are often hung on walls or places that in themselves express the very opposite of the colored slogans — years out of date — meaning that no one has taken the time to change them…or maybe it’s because they shouldn’t have even been written.  New Years, new anniversaries (of whatever it is this time) usually fill our streets.

Then there are also those games of reflections in the plate-glass windows of some stores, which are amusing to photograph, or those drawings that self-taught painters proudly exhibit to the residents in their neighborhood.

Photos exist to fill a hundred books.

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