Che’s Time in Miami and his “Hate for Imperialism”

Very little is known about the time Che spent in Miami. There’s not very much to know anyway. An accidental and forced stop, while he was traveling back to Argentina to get his medicine degree. The delay extended further than expected and Ernesto went around and around in a foreign city, where a language was spoken that the young student hadn’t mastered and who was still waiting for his destiny.

Cuba: The Party of Defeat

Though defined as the revolutionary vanguard of Cuban society, the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) has never played such a role. For decades, Fidel Castro was the main obstacle to the normal functioning of the PCC. When he had no choice but to hand power over to his brother, there was the possibility that Raul Castro would choose to change this situation, albeit gradually and without endangering the country’s power structure through such changes.

The Legacy of Hugo Chavez

After the portraits of the late Hugo Chavez were removed from Venezuela’s National Assembly this week, the question of his legacy as president appears revived. That, unquestionably, is what’s in question: if Chavez managed to transcend his time, to set a new standard for his country or alter the course of the nation definitively, his significance is not circumscribed to his political party.