Dead Time in Cuba

For about three months medicines hadn’t come, but yesterday supplies arrived. So this morning there is a big crowd outside the pharmacy.

New Tennis Shoes for a Cuban Boy

I followed the US elections the same way I followed the series Fargo. In desperation: what will happen when the cop catches the murderer?

Rough Times in Cuba

The Cuban people need to know what monster they’re up against so that they can look for the best way to defeat it.

Suddenly Homeless in Cuba

I don’t know whether you’ve seen the news, but a few days ago, a motorbike that was charging blew up. Suddenly 7 families were homeless.

The Employee in Cuba

My boss at the State bar-restaurant was the manager: a stout man in moccasins with his own black Toyota Yaris, a really beautiful car, that he used to park every morning in one of the areas of my responsibility, once I had finished cleaning up. His wife was a pompous blond woman, who used to throw a juice box on the ground every morning before getting out of the car, and she would spend the whole day dithering about.