Cuba Is Going Digital

As of February 4, 2015 and until April this year, art enthusiasts can enjoy an exhibition titled Vista hace fe…We are going digital (“Seeing is Believing…We Are Going Digital”) at Havana’s Norwegian Embassy, located on 21st Street. (12 photos)

Santiago de Cuba’s Magic Market

Many are the beliefs from different cultures that merged to give rise to our Cuban identity. In Santiago de Cuba, one can breathe these beliefs in the idiosyncrasies of the locals, in the atmosphere of its steeply-inclined streets. (8 photos)

Will the Internet Reach Dos Caminos, Cuba, by 2020?

In Cuba, there is a town called Dos Caminos, located a mere 20 kilometers from Santiago de Cuba. Many of the things currently being debated through social networks, blogs and even the country’s official press go unnoticed in this town.

Like in “South Park”, They Named Him Kenny

They named him Kenny, after the South Park character. He lives somewhere in Havana, where he’s been forced to grow up ahead of time. His mother, who worked at a private cafe, had to quit her job to raise his five brothers, as the grandmother couldn’t bear the burden all alone any longer.