What’s a reference for eye care treatment in Cuba?

Question: Recently I had eye surgery and follow up treatment for my retina. If a retinal complication occurred in Cuba, can you provide a reference so that I can establish contact prior to traveling to Cuba?

Answer: The Instituto Cubano de Oftalmología Ramon Pando Ferrer (Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology), located in Havana, is a national and international reference hospital as well as a leading teaching centre. Although it is not Cuba’s only ophthalmological institution, it is one of the best.

Medical care at Pando Ferrer, as the Hospital is locally known, includes diagnosis, treatment and surgical solutions, as well as emergency services, ambulatory care and hospitalization if needed. Pando Ferrer is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the diagnosis of various eye diseases and innovative surgical techniques.

Founded in January 1956, this hospital initially treated blindness. In 1985-86 a specialized ophthalmological program was established dealing with the Retina and Glaucoma, and in 1988 the Ocular Microsurgery Centre was created to deal with cataract surgery, myopia, etc. Today Pando Ferrer deals with all ophthalmic subspecialties and provides other medical and diagnostic services as well.

The Hospital staff consists of approximately 140 doctors of whom just over one hundred are ophthalmologists in different specialties. Medical services include corneal refractive surgery, cataract, glaucoma, cornea, low vision, oculoplasty, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, retina and neuro-ophthalmology.

Pando Ferrer has a program that comes under Health Tourism, which since 1991 has been providing medical care to patients from other countries. Health care services under this program are provided in the areas of Retina, Cataract, Cornea, tear ducts, Strabismus, Contact Lenses, Glaucoma, Refractive Surgery and Neuro-ophthalmology.

In July 2004, Pando Ferrer became the lead Hospital in a national and international program called Operación Milagro (Operation Miracle), whereby free surgery is provided to thousands of low-income patients from many countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and elsewhere who have eye problems (cataract, pterygium, eyelid ptosis, retina, squint, cornea and glaucoma).

The person in charge of Retina Services is Dr. Yolanda Velazquez Villares, who can be contacted via email at [email protected]

Contact information for the Hospital itself is as follows:

Instituto Cubano de Oftalmología Ramon Pando Ferrer

Calle 76 #3104

e/ 31 y 41


Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba 10400

Telephone (537) 265-4800

Fax (537) 267-0965

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  • I would like to find out more about the surgery for retina detachment at your hospital. My sister has lost sight in her left eye

  • Hello, I requesting since 05/02/2020 on my email for cornea transplant recommended to your firm in Cuba but no reply. I leave in the United Kingdom and so desperate. Reply please,

    Sincerely Chris

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    How much it going to cost me for hospital,hotel & food
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  • Going to Cuba in January 2018 for various eye complication of my wife especially Glaucoma and one thing is for sure if Cuba can’t do it nobody can, rest is all up to Almighty.

  • Hey
    My father has muscle spasm.He had botox recently but it did not work.He had visited many ophthalmologits here in Pakistan they recommended different types of eye drops and ointment but all in vain . The condition is getting worse day by day ,one of a doctor suggested to contact cuba eye clinic.It would be really kind if i can get help somehow any tips or how could i approach you?

  • Hey
    My father has muscle spasm, he had botox recently but it did not work, he had visited many eye clinics in pakistan they recommend different ointments and eye drops but all in vain. The condition is getting worse day by day ,one of a doctor here in pakistan recommended cuba eye clinic. This is the only help i can get from one of best eye clinic as i have heard. Kindly suggest me any tips or recommend how do i approach ?

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  • hi i am from the United States and i am familiar in having my boyfriend travel for retina surgery. What is the best way to contact them since we are from another country?

  • I will be in Cuba in February traveling with MEDICC and would ,if time permits, like to have a cataract removed from my left eye.
    My right eye was done with permanent lens but it was my good eye. My understanding the left with more troublesome vision could not be made even close to 20/20. I do we’ll with a contact but find I close it with glasses.

  • hi ,i would love to take my mother to cuba for lazer eye treatment,she is diabetic and her eyes are bleeding behind so i was advice by her doctor that the only thing that can help is for her to do lazer eye treatment..so please can you advice me on how i go about doing it in cuba ,we lives in jamaica so can you be kind and tell me which hospital provide that treatment and a email address so i can contact them thank you very much.

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