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When Voices Fell Silent

There is countless evidence that could be shown to a non-legal court about how things have gone from bad to…

2 weeks ago

Reactions to Reopening of Cuba’s Borders in November

The Cuban Ministry of Tourism on Sept. 6, published a note officially announcing the gradual opening of the nation’s borders…

2 weeks ago

Cuba and Too Many Priorities

If we sat for a moment in the presidential chair to determine an order of priorities in the face of…

2 months ago

We Have Tough Months Ahead Here in Cuba

A doctor friend wrote to me after a brilliant exercise of analysis: that we must take care because we’ll have…

4 months ago

The Last Battle for Cuban War Veterans

Cuba's war veterans are the people who are at the forefront of this significant crowd that deserve a better end.…

4 months ago

Here in Cuba Waiting Has Got Us Desperate

The worst thing that can happen to us is to call on fake painkillers and think that we are tenaciously…

5 months ago

Getting Shoulders Ready for Shots

The photo taken by my colleague Oscar Sánchez demonstrates the ingenuity of many Havanans when facing misfortune.

6 months ago

Cuba’s “I’ll Give My Arm” Vaccination Campaign

Local TV did a feature in excruciating detail concerning a growing interest in not receiving the Soberana 02 vaccine, or…

6 months ago

Covid Struck While on a Visit to Havana

Nowhere else is this news, perhaps not warranting even a slight mention. However, in Cuba, its quite an event, and…

7 months ago

Our Failure to Comply with “Stay-at-Home” Nears a Year

COVID-19 is gaining momentum in Cuba,, and the past 12 months confirm this. It won’t stop until the entire population…

7 months ago

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