Recycling in Process (2)

Why didn’t they give me that program the day before? Why do I speak with everybody who sits beside me? What happens with me and symphonic directors?

Recycling in Process

My Havana Times colleague Irina Echarry recently published an article titled “Recycle, Recycle, Recycle.” I could relate to the topic, given how much it related to me. I am a woman formed out of love for the earth and nature, and also for people, who both live and survive as a species on this planet.

An Older Woman on the Streets of Havana

Either things are moving too fast or I move so slowly that I can’t keep up. Over the last few months I haven’t been in the capital much; instead, I’ve been roaming and combing backcountry roads, observing and talking with women and men of the forest.

A White? Cuban Woman Facing the Mirror

I don’t remember ever having asked myself what race I belonged to. I was born advantaged in a society that discriminated against non-whites. So, am I white? The answer isn’t so simple. Let’s have a look at my genealogical tree; since racial classifications don’t work with me.