My Foreign Havana

It’s not every day that you wander about the city you were born in, with the same well-known places, and then suddenly be taken by surprise. (8 photos)

Social Media Challenge with the Cuban Flag

This is an invitation for every Cuban to take a selfie with the patriotic emblem. These photos, in which natives from the island, of all ages, women and men and even from different countries where they reside, have taken over social media with the unusual development of spontaneity, wit and joy.

Cuba: The Price You Have to Pay

I hear voices with a Cuban accent, laughter. I carry on saying “here” when I talk about Cuba. I keep thinking that those friends that I used to meet at “Torre de Letras”, or at the “Poesia sin Fin” festival, will walk through the door at any moment.

What We Can’t Do in Cuba

The first thing that left an impression on me about Buenos Aires was a park near the hotel we were staying: Plaza de San Martin. I don’t know why the city reminded me of the French animation movie “The Illusionist”. (12 photos)