One-Of-A-Kind Shop in Santiago de Cuba

1-La-Opera,-tienda-de-productos-biosaludablesPhoto feature by Janis Hernandez

HAVANA TIMES — Encouraging healthy eating habits is the aim of the new, one-of-a-kind shop which recently opened its doors to the public in the heart of the city of Santiago de Cuba.

La Opera is a modern and welcoming establishment that sells healthy, organic products. There, we can find pickled vegetables, canned fruits, natural drinks, cereals, honey and its derivatives, whole-wheat bread, herbal medicines and spices. In addition, the store serves as a nutrition center that offers detailed information on how to prepare each product.

The store also sells ornamental plants, and it is the only place in Cuba where you can buy a delicious, low-calory beer.

Below are some photos of this charming establishment. I invite you to pay it a visit when you’re in town.

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12 thoughts on “One-Of-A-Kind Shop in Santiago de Cuba

  • Moses, I just checked with Janis in Santiago de Cuba and the prices are in regular Cuban pesos, MN.

  • The prices are in regular pesos, MN.

  • We just got a message from Janis in Santiago de Cuba. The prices you see in the photos are in regular pesos MN.

  • That’s true, but my favorite peanut butter does cost $10.00.

  • Circles, I think it is. Take a look at photo #2. No way that bag of pistachios only cost 7 cup. Likewise a small bag like that should not cost 7 CUC either but neither should a Peugeot 508 costs nearly $300,000 USD and it does.

  • Just sent ’em an email….

  • I’m not sure about that. Another photo shows a shelf of bottles of juice for $4. If that is in fact 4 local pesos, (CUP), and 1 CUC is 25 pesos, then the bottle of juice costs 5 cents CUC. No way it costs that little. The prices are either absurdly high, or absurdly low.

    Clearly we need somebody to go to the store to clarify the issue. Hey Moses, can your inlaws in Santiago de Cuba do a bit of research and report back to you?

  • What Cuban you ask? The same Cuban who buys the 286,000 cuc Peugot.

  • A bag of sesame seeds at Whole Foods does not cost more than the average American’s monthly salary.

  • Wait… does that small bag of sesame seeds really cost $25? What Cuban can pay $25 for a bag of sesame seeds or a jar of pickles?

    It must be some kind of sick joke, or just another day in Cuba.

  • I can’t tell what the product is for sale in photo #14 but the price is $25. I assume these are prices in CUC. This small product, assuming its something edible, costs a month’s salary in Cuba! It is clear that eating healthy in Cuba, like shopping at Whole Foods stores in the US, costs a lot more than eating regular food.

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