Santiago de Cuba’s Rum Museum

Photo feature by Janis Hernandez

Entrance to the Santiago de Cuba Rum Museum.
Entrance to the Santiago de Cuba Rum Museum.

HAVANA TIMES — Santiago de Cuba’s Rum Museum is a place no visitor will want to miss. Located at the downtown intersection of San Basilio and Callejon de Carniceria, it is housed by an old, residential mansion built in 1889.

Its neo-classical facade combines harmoniously with its interior decor. It is the only house in the old town which has a garden at the front. Personalities linked to the city’s history and culture once resided there.

The museum affords us a trip across the history of rum making, told directly by the collection and illustrative panels, of which I have taken a number of photos to share with our readers.

In addition to a very professional and enjoyable explanation by a guide, at the end of the tour, the museum offers visitors an exquisite sample of aged, Santiago-brand rum, free of charge.

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One thought on “Santiago de Cuba’s Rum Museum

  • I bought a bottle of Santiago de Cuba rum when I was in Cuba, and I really enjoyed it’s rich complex flavours. In my opinion, better than Havana Club, which is the only Cuban rum available in Canada.

    I cannot make out the names of the men on the poster of leading rum personalities through history. Is that Facundo Bacardi (top row, 2nd from left)? As the founder of the Bacardi distillery he deserves recognition in any museum of Cuban rum.

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