Venezuelan Supreme Court Blocks Property Ownership for Housing Projects

HAVANA TIMES — At the request of the Maduro government, the Venezuelan Supreme Court has overturned virtually every law passed by the legislature, controlled by the opposition. The latest came on Friday when it ruled unconstitutional a law passed by the National Assembly granting property titles to the occupants of government built housing.

The Supreme Court issued the sentence blocking the intention of granting title to the occupants of the dwellings built by the Government within its so-called Great Housing Mission, since according to the deputies the supposed “owners” are only given a permit to live there.

The statement from the court responded to a request from President Nicolas Maduro, who asked to declare the law unconstitutional on the grounds that it intended to “privatize” the dwellings built by the State. The ruling of the Supreme Court states that the Assembly law would pave the way for the units to enter the speculative housing market.”

The court adds that the Assembly went beyond its functions by condoning “debts incurred by the beneficiaries of this public policy to the detriment of the guiding principles of social security and the duties as citizens of solidarity and paying their share of public burdens”.

Opposition lawmaker Adriana D’Elia, promoter of the law, replied that the “only reason for not granting property rights is that Maduro wants to continue blackmailing the Venezuelan people.”

The head of the opposition bloc, Julio Borges, stressed that property ownership is not a concession by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PUSV), but a “constitutional right”. “What’s unconstitutional here is the Supreme Court of the PSUV. Maduro steals your property,” he said on his Twitter account.

4 thoughts on “Venezuelan Supreme Court Blocks Property Ownership for Housing Projects

  • The clown brings few laughs!

  • The UK’s Margaret Thatcher allowed tenants of Council (local government) owned houses to purchase the properties they lived in. Doing so resulted is a marked change in the appearance of the Council estates as people started to take pride in the appearance of their homes and communities. Then responsible for their homes and being part of the capitalist world, most became Conservative voters. Hence Thatcher being the longest serving Prime Minister in the 20th Century.

  • It is all about having control. Giving people individual control of their own apartments is hardly run away speculative capitalism. Instead of using the wealth of the country to raise up living standards, personal security and welfare of the many this clown brings an equality of poverty.

  • Ma-Burro must be recalled. Otherwise, with the help of his hand-picked Supreme Court, he and his Castroville oligarchy will continue to destroy Venezuela.

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