A Nurse Who Went Beyond Her Duties

Damaris enters the room with a wide smile, as white as her uniform. It’s 1 PM and her patient is having lunch, but that doesn’t matter.

High-Profile Domestic Violence Case in Cuba

Gender-based violence has many forms, it has become so naturalized that nobody can escape it and we all become victims to a greater or lesser extent. That is why it is necessary to deconstruct it when we see it happen and analyze it so we can understand it better.

Javier Larrea, a Cuban Animal Rights Advocate in Trouble

Javier Larrea is a young Law student at Villa Clara’s Martha Abreu University, for now. The only thing that makes him different from other young people his age is that he has loved animals since he was a small boy. He’s now paying a high price for that love.

As Cuba Mutates, I’m the Misfit

Here in Havana, every time I have to go and get a document sorted out, no matter what it is for, I’m overwhelmed by a feeling of displeasure. It’s because I know that I will be a victim of abusive treatment.

Machismo Continues to Kill in Cuba

Leydi Laura Garcia Lugo lived in La Esperanza, she was in the fourth year of her medical career at the University of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara. She was only 24 years old with a whole life ahead of her.

Is Cuba Part of the Global Women’s Struggles?

Another International Women’s Day is here today. I’ve previously described how these days take place in Cuba, between boredom and ignorance; how a date of struggle has become a vain celebration. Very few women here try to join the true spirit of this day; the vast majority continue to be content with the congratulations of their colleagues and among themselves.