Maduro and The Handmaid’s Tale

Maduro wants to write the next season of The Handmaid’s Tale, the most popular series of Hulu, based on the book by Canadian author Margaret Atwood.

Dying in a Venezuelan Hospital

“It’ll hang over your conscience.” This is what Libia was told, over and over, from the moment she stepped foot in the Hospital, in Barquisimeto.

En Route to Hato Arriba, Venezuela (Photo Feature)

Ever since I used to pass through the Venezuelan State of Lara, always heading for somewhere else, I had the idea that this great area was pretty much a semi-desert or, at least, quite arid. (16 photos)

After Nearly 2 Months of Respite, Renewed Chaos in Venezuela

In my opinion, the next four months of 2019 will be key in determining Venezuela’s future. While everyone is trying to get by as best they can, the government is selling, giving or handing over the natural resources the country still has in exchange for its debts.

Venezuela Today: The Left’s Eyes are Bleeding

When you’re happy amidst chaos, despair and thousands of unmet needs, it feels weird. But, just because I’ve been happy in spite of the situation I find myself in, I haven’t been able to stop myself being overcome by great sadness in recent days.

As Venezuela Sinks, Maduro Still Has His Supporters

Inside the system, wearing red shirts, bureaucrats who came with the “Revolution” or bureaucrats of yesteryear; might be somewhat fond of Maduro or not; they might raise their voices to defend him or just leave the insults for more intimate settings, but they don’t want a change of government at the end of the day.

There was no coup in Venezuela

There was no coup d’etat in Venezuela on April 30th. Twenty-five militarymen with a few tanks, on a highway bridge that passes in front of La Carlota military base (in East Caracas); weren’t going to overthrow any government.