Fernando Ravsberg

Cuba’s Burnt Bridges

To emigrate is a painful process in general, but in the case of Cubans it also means taking a trip with no return. As if they’ve committed a serious crime, the State robs them of all their belongings.

It doesn’t matter that these were legally acquired goods; everything will be confiscated, from one’s house and car to even the furniture. If you refuse to turn them over, you will not receive your “Permiso de Salida” (Exit Permit) from the all powerful Office of Immigration.

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Pilot Projects, Fools & Masterminds

Undoubtedly, General Raul Castro is a man of few words, so much so that journalists must remain on the prowl hunting for some loose phrases, new facts or rumors to piece together our “puzzles” as to what has happened here over the past two years.

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Those Poor Cubans (II)

I believe that these stories are interesting above all because they have to do with personal experiences. In addition, they appeared in a blog in which almost all the forum participants attack me without the least compassion.

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Those Poor Cubans (I)

It’s true that poverty exists. Half of the population supports itself with miniscule salaries and these workers find themselves obliged to steal from their workplaces to survive. Nonetheless, it’s a mistake to think that this is the case for all the citizens.

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Beware of Cuba’s Waiters

This has been an exciting week, as I was caught up in an operative of the Special Police while leaving the bar of the Saint John Hotel in the Vedado district. My crime was to drink a coffee and converse with a journalism student who I was helping with his final thesis.

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Cuba’s Deserters

I live in a neighborhood of Cubans, one which seemed like a tranquil place. However I realized I’m surrounded by “deserters” – the man who worked for Cubana Airlines, a love-struck doctor, our dentist, a boxing champion and half a volleyball squad.

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