Can People on HIV Medications Visit Cuba?

Question: Are there any issues when taking prescription HIV medications into Cuba when going on vacation?

Answer: We spoke with a Cuban journalist who works for Trabajadores weekly and who has lived with HIV for years. He said he knows of no prohibition on carrying the medications or affecting freedom of movement at Cuban customs. He said he has traveled carrying his medication and has never had a problem.

5 thoughts on “Can People on HIV Medications Visit Cuba?

  • I have a friend, a visual artist, who would like to do a show in Havana if possible. His name is Pierre Coupey ( Can you put me in touch with someone who might be willing to work/arrange such a showing?

  • Hi
    We are planing on visiting Cuba we are both HIV. From what I see we should have no problem bringing meds. I would like to have cosmectic surgery while there . Do you have any suggestion or proper clinics hostipal to go.
    Traveling from Canada starting my rechearch.
    Thank you

  • We will try to find out and e-mail you. The editor.

  • I am escorting a group of university students to Cuba in early January and it appears that the Havana Industriales baseball team will be playing in Havana on January 4-5-6, 2013. Are these games in the evening or afternoon. All 23 students and 3 faculty would like to attend one of these games if it does not conflict with our pre-set agenda. Can you let us know the times of these games? Thank you very much!

  • You can check our cultural calendar at

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