QUESTION: I know that visitors to Cuba must have travel health insurance before entry into Cuba is granted, and that this insurance is available to be purchased from the official provider ASISTUR in the airport on arrival if required.

However, I have recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour, and am just completing my radio therapy treatment.  Would it be possible to buy travel health insurance for this existing condition from ASISTUR ? And if it is possible can it be purchased from the UK before we travel so we have the peace of mind of knowing that I am covered?

We really want to visit Cuba this Easter time as it would make a great place to recover from the effects of my treatment, sun sea sand etc. Also, I have always wanted to see Havana.  We would really like to be able to see some  ballet while we were in Havana too, as both of my children are ballet dancers, my son is just auditioning to get into dance schools in London.

However, the cost of purchasing travel health insurance in the UK which would include cover for my brain tumour is going to be more than the cost of the all-inclusive 4-5 star twin centre holiday we would like to take.

Any assistance or advice you could offer would be gratefully received.

ANSWER: Dear HT reader, the best way to clarify this very specific insurance need question is by writing the Asistur people directly.  Be persistent if you don’t give you a prompt reply.  The assistance e-mail address is near the top left of this link for Asistur in English.  Please let us know the results of your inquiry so we can inform other readers.


8 thoughts on “Here’s a Cuba Travel Insurance Question?

  • From USA they include insurance in travel ticket prices. Same with $25 entrance and $25 exit fees. Check airlines for more information. All airlines are different. Southwest was the best.

  • I recently visited Cuba on a 30 day tourist visa. I did not buy the travel insurance and they did not require me to buy it in the airport. i did not ask for my passport not to be stamped but they did not stamp it. Also I overstayed the visa by a couple of weeks and just had to buy a new one upon leaving i just told them I thought it was for 90 days and paid 20 or 25 dollars for the new one.

  • Forget it. Cuba has insufficient work for Cubans. Do you really want to live on the equivalent of $25 US per month.

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