Question: I am a Canadian citizen & am looking to retire soon. I would like to spend 5 to 6 months per year in Cuba. What do I need to do & contact information.

Answer: Normally, Cuba issues one month tourist visas which can be extended, within the country, for a second month at the discretion of immigration authorities. The only exceptions are holders of a Canadian passport, who can come with a three-month visa which can be extended, within the country, for an additional three months – again, at the discretion of Cuban immigration authorities. This privilege is partly due to the uninterrupted relations that have existed between the two countries for over half a century.

This means that on a tourist visa, you would be able to spend the 5 to 6 months per year that you’d like to be in Cuba after retirement.

For information on applying for a visa, contact the Cuban Embassy in Ottawa or their Consulates in Toronto or Montreal. Contact information for each of these three locations is provided below:

Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa

388 Main Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1E3

Telephone (613) 563-0141

Email [email protected]


Consulate-General of Cuba in Toronto

Kipling Square, Suite 401

5353 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario M9B 6H8

Telephone (416) 234-8181

Email [email protected]

Consulate-General of Cuba in Montreal

4542-4546 Decarie Boulevard

Montreal, Quebec H4A 3P2

Telephone (514) 843-8897

Email [email protected]

24 thoughts on “How can a Canadian stay 5-6 months in Cuba?

  • Why do you say that? I met a woman staying in a 4 star resort for $1500 a month including medical, room and board. Definitely was comfy on a nice beach with bikes to ride a shuttle to a larger town. Taxis will take you around and a nice network of Casa Particulares exists.

  • harm, but I still go for 3 months every winter

  • Canadians Better Be Honest with Canadians & Not Have Cuban interest First. Cuba Has Made a Great Change Feb 24th 2019. Wake Up & Watch Out All Canadian,s Going To Cuba.

  • I Have just returned from Cuba & The Lack of Food, The community water supply,s or bottled water shortages. I have Lived in Cuba for the past 4 years as close as possibly permitted & With the Changes after Feb 24th 2019 My Living in Cuba has Gotten Very Difficult. My Family VISA was Granted for 5 months as never before for a one time 25$ cost. Police are Little To No Help if Needed. The Canadian Embassy Could not Even Contact Police when I Needed there Help. What is Happening In Cuba, Are Canadians Respected or Protected as we Once were, I Know We are Not, I found out First Hand the Hard Way. If you find your self in trouble in Cuba you Better have a Plan (B) A way out. Reliable Taxi, My Taxi to the airport failed to show, How do you change your return flight when Needed ( Not Easy at All). Four years ago I went to live where most Cubans have never met a Canadian & I was Safe & Respected, Today I am thinking twice about my Return. If I Return To Cuba it will be to Help this Country & I Question myself, Are we doing the right thing or are we Canadians doing more harm to the People.

  • NONSENS!!!!!
    Cuba is the safest (STATISTICALLY) place on planet.
    Many people spend regularly “Canadian winter” in Cuba (December to April).
    GORGEOUS country , nice weather , friendly people….. THIS IS A CUBA…

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