How can a Canadian stay 5-6 months in Cuba?

Question: I am a Canadian citizen & am looking to retire soon. I would like to spend 5 to 6 months per year in Cuba. What do I need to do & contact information.

Answer: Normally, Cuba issues one month tourist visas which can be extended, within the country, for a second month at the discretion of immigration authorities. The only exceptions are holders of a Canadian passport, who can come with a three-month visa which can be extended, within the country, for an additional three months – again, at the discretion of Cuban immigration authorities. This privilege is partly due to the uninterrupted relations that have existed between the two countries for over half a century.

This means that on a tourist visa, you would be able to spend the 5 to 6 months per year that you’d like to be in Cuba after retirement.

For information on applying for a visa, contact the Cuban Embassy in Ottawa or their Consulates in Toronto or Montreal. Contact information for each of these three locations is provided below:

Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa

388 Main Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1S 1E3

Telephone (613) 563-0141

Email [email protected]


Consulate-General of Cuba in Toronto

Kipling Square, Suite 401

5353 Dundas Street West

Toronto, Ontario M9B 6H8

Telephone (416) 234-8181

Email [email protected]

Consulate-General of Cuba in Montreal

4542-4546 Decarie Boulevard

Montreal, Quebec H4A 3P2

Telephone (514) 843-8897

Email [email protected]

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25 thoughts on “How can a Canadian stay 5-6 months in Cuba?

  • Sounds like this guy trashing Cuba and Cuban citizens just doesn’t know much beyond his own neighborhood wherever that may be. If you go go looking for upper society amenities and Park Place surroundings and don’t find it right then you might just arrive in the same train of thought as you are stating BUT if you speak a bit of Spanish and want to make true friends then go to farm country. They work hard, are honest people and many live as if it were to poor areas of US in the 1950’s. Want something? Somebody can usually find it for you! Rent a motorcycle, be personable and look around. Lots to see and do besides tourism!

  • my wife and I spent one week in cuba. this was the best time of our lives. The people there were so kind to us we felt like were friends for ever.We look forward to going back, Would love to send more time there in years to come.

  • You are a goof that has no clue Cuba is beautiful an the people are great my wish for you grow up

  • Totally agreed..Cuba is not safe and good place to live life..but it’s fun that way!! Lol

  • What is the significance of Feb 24 2019??

  • Why do you say that? I met a woman staying in a 4 star resort for $1500 a month including medical, room and board. Definitely was comfy on a nice beach with bikes to ride a shuttle to a larger town. Taxis will take you around and a nice network of Casa Particulares exists.

  • harm, but I still go for 3 months every winter

  • Canadians Better Be Honest with Canadians & Not Have Cuban interest First. Cuba Has Made a Great Change Feb 24th 2019. Wake Up & Watch Out All Canadian,s Going To Cuba.

  • I Have just returned from Cuba & The Lack of Food, The community water supply,s or bottled water shortages. I have Lived in Cuba for the past 4 years as close as possibly permitted & With the Changes after Feb 24th 2019 My Living in Cuba has Gotten Very Difficult. My Family VISA was Granted for 5 months as never before for a one time 25$ cost. Police are Little To No Help if Needed. The Canadian Embassy Could not Even Contact Police when I Needed there Help. What is Happening In Cuba, Are Canadians Respected or Protected as we Once were, I Know We are Not, I found out First Hand the Hard Way. If you find your self in trouble in Cuba you Better have a Plan (B) A way out. Reliable Taxi, My Taxi to the airport failed to show, How do you change your return flight when Needed ( Not Easy at All). Four years ago I went to live where most Cubans have never met a Canadian & I was Safe & Respected, Today I am thinking twice about my Return. If I Return To Cuba it will be to Help this Country & I Question myself, Are we doing the right thing or are we Canadians doing more harm to the People.

  • NONSENS!!!!!
    Cuba is the safest (STATISTICALLY) place on planet.
    Many people spend regularly “Canadian winter” in Cuba (December to April).
    GORGEOUS country , nice weather , friendly people….. THIS IS A CUBA…

  • Hola ! I thank everyone for the positive comments ! I also love the country as I have been there 20? times since 2001. No resorts for this fan,just casa particulars. I have a hermana in Habana and hermano in Santiago. I am going to find if I can live there . Gracias !

  • Can you give more detail about Cuba being uncomfortable to live there for long term? What is available for a place to stay that isn’t noisy or problematic, a space of your own?

  • The critical fellow above must be American, brainwashed by FOX. Cuban people are humble, friendly and genuine. No obvious sign of corruption as is very evident in the rest of the region and South America .Communism and Castro must have done something right. Cubans would be far better off if they were not punished by the Americans for over 50 years. Things would also be a lot better if OBAMA was still in charge.
    Too bad about restrictions to live there. If they made it easier for Canadians to retire there it would be a Gold Mine for them.

  • What? what are you talking about? who are you to say those terrible things? You obviously never been there, or probably never been anywhere else, for that matter.

  • Clearly never been to Cuba ?? ???. They are proud and genuine people.

  • You sir are wrong.

  • Tottally agree with u Bob

  • I love Cuba and the people it is very safe we have been there 18 times in 7 years and made alone of friends for us it’s like going home to see family. I THINK IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ ABOUT THE HISTORY TO HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE COUNTRY.

  • I totally agree with you Neal, why would anyone suggest that Cuba has the lowest life form on the planet is probably the lowest life form themselves,,, I have visited Cuba 6 times in the past 12 mths and is so looking forward to returning… The culture, the people, everything about Cuba is awesome. I can certainly understand what Canada and Cuba has the best of relations and to go and find out when they know you are from Canada, BE READY TO BE WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS…. they are the most friendly people I have ever met in my life and in some cases even above some of Canadians… I feel completely safe walking down 1st Ave in Varadero at 3am more so than Toronto. This Person Jonathan obviously hasn’t spent much time there…. And yes, if I were allowed..I would move there Ina heartbeat…

  • You are wrong about Cuba. To say the lowest life form on the planet is a Cuban, shows just what kind of an ignorant person you are. You are safer in Cuba than Canada.

  • be advised a Cuban is the lowest life form on the planet. nothing is safe, not your life, not your property and not your sanity.

  • After further thought MIke, you could split your time and for example spend a period in Trinidad where there are several good museums, and about half a dozen trovas providing wonderful music.

  • Best location in Cuba Mike depends upon your interests. I too am Canadian and because of the visa limitation, fly backwards and forwards twice per year. As a foreigner you cannot own property there. I am married to a Cuban, but our home is in her name. Yes, remember to return to Canada in time to do your tax return a the end of April. Also, remember when looking at locations that you won’t have a car. The Deputy Consul for Cuba at the Consulate in Toronto is Senor Raul Delgado Concepcion and he is helpful. I used to have to apply for personal visas (cost $128 a time), but am now allowed to use the tourist visa – and as pointed out above, renew it at the three month date – they are strict about it.
    You would be best advised to rent an en-suite room with available cooking facilities and do a long deal with an owner. Best person I know of to help you is Raul Fuentes who operates the web-site: He has details of casa particulars all over Cuba and is very helpful. I would guess that you could do a long term rent for $400 – $500 per month. Don’t use my name – because it isn’t!

  • I am thinking of living in Cuba( Havana ) for 6 months of the year–( Nov thru April ) our Canadian winters. I am retiring this fall(2015).Could anyone suggest sites that are not within the city proper.

  • Cuba is a nice place to visit, but living there long term is very uncomfortable.

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