How can a Cuban who left illegally visit the island?

Question: I am a Cuban citizen with permanent residence (Green Card) in the USA. I left Cuba, illegally, three years ago with my parents and two sisters. My whole paternal family is in Cuba and the maternal is in the USA.  My father, who has the same status as I, applied twice for authorization to travel to Cuba and was rejected. I called the Cuban Interest Section in Washington which provided websites for information but these date from 2006 or 2007. Are there other sources of information on laws or regulations that prevent Cubans who left illegally from visiting their families in Cuba?

Answer: Your father’s situation is fundamentally a matter that concerns questions and regulations about immigration – and immigration offices in Cuba do not provide information over the phone.  But there are still some possibilities that might result in useful information.

First, call the Cuban Interest Section in Washington D.C. to enquire if the information on their website, dating from 2006 or 2007, is still valid today.

Second, request that your Cuban-based paternal family make a direct enquiry at immigration offices inside the country about whether or not your father is able to visit Cuba, and if he is able to visit, what steps he must take. They would be in the best position to obtain updated information.

Third, you might also request your Cuban-based family to contact the Consultoria Juridica Internacional (CJI or International Legal Consulting), which is a Cuba firm that provides legal services in all branches of law. With headquarters in Havana and branches in all provinces of the country, the CJI offers services (payable in pesos convertibles) in three specialized divisions: Legal Assistance, Notary and Immigration Affairs, and Documentaries. Under Legal Assistance, they provide legal opinions and specialist consultations relating to current Cuban legislation. The CJI also has correspondent firms in a wide range of countries, including in the United States. Their website is However, since your father’s situation is an immigration issue, they might well simply refer your family back to immigration authorities.

In Havana, the Consultoria Juridica Internacional is located at the following address.

Consultoria Juridica Internacional
Calle 16 #314 (16th Street)
entre 3ra y 5ra Avenidas (between 3th and 5th Avenue)
Miramar – Municipio Playa
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telephone (537) 204-2490 / 204-2697 / 204-2861 / 204-1368 / 204-2437

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