How do I donate video cameras to aspiring filmmakers?

Question: I have several older high quality video cameras in good working order. I would like to donate them to aspiring filmmakers on my next visit to Cuba. Please advise who I would contact.

Answer: When making donations of this kind, it is always a good approach to think how they might benefit the greatest number of individuals, given the shortage of decent quality technical equipment – whether old or new.

For high quality video cameras, you might want to consider donating them to the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC, Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos), earmarked for their program Muestra Nacional de Nuevos Realizadores(National Sample of New Producers). Once a year, dozens of aspiring filmmakers from around the country present documentaries and short fiction films in a very popular event that takes place in Havana. There are also accompanying exhibitions, theoretical meetings and other activities in honour of outstanding filmmakers.

The event, which is very popular and well attended by the public, not only provides an advance of what Cuban cinema might look like in the future, but also provides an opportunity to explore and expand audiovisual work in general. Towards this end, the Muestra Nacional de Nuevos Realizadores provides an opportunity to young aspiring filmmakers, the majority of them from outside ICAIC itself, to show their works.

In late February 2010, the 9th edition of the Muestra Nacional de Nuevos Realizadores took place in Havana.

By donating video cameras to ICAIC, they would be in the best position to make them available to aspiring filmmakers both within and outside their institution. All donations to ICAIC are processed through their Dirección Relaciones Internacionales (International Relations Department). The individual to contact is Yuleyvis (Julie) Valdés Álvarez, who is ICAIC’s specialist in International Cooperation in charge of projects and donations. The contact information is listed below:

Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC)

Dirección Relaciones Internacionales
Calle 23, No. 1155
e/ 10 y 12
El Vedado-Municipio Plaza
Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
Telephone (537) 838-2856
Fax (537) 838-1188
Email [email protected]

Recently, changes have occurred in the processing of donations to Cuba. No longer can visitors simply carry them into the country. In relation to ICAIC, the data required for processing a donation is listed below. Where ICAIC is indicated in bold, this is the “response”. All other information must be provided (although ICAIC itself will process getting the necessary authorization from the respective Ministry). Obviously some categories do not apply to video cameras.

  • Donor’s name and country of residence (include a brief reference of who the donor is and why the donation is being made).
  • Recipient institution. ICAIC
  • Detailed information on the generic content of the donation, the quantity and value in CUC (Convertible Pesos).
  • For data processing equipment, include brand, model, year of manufacture (requires permission from MIC, or Ministry of Information and Communications).
  • For vehicles, include brand, model, year, type of fuel, final destination (requires letter from the Minister).
  • Refrigeration equipment: brand, model and capacity (requires permission from CITMA, or Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment).
  • Transmission equipment such as wireless microphones, amplifiers, radios, etc.  (Llevan permiso del MIC).(Requires permission from MIC).
  • Final destination of the donation. ICAIC
  • Port or airport of departure.
  • Type of packaging (containers, a load of grouped packages, etc.).
  • Name of the shipper (telephone, address and / or email).
  • Warehouse or location where the merchandise must be moved (address and phone number). ICAIC
  • Cuban peso bank account number and code of the entity paying costs associated with processing the donation to its final destination. ICAIC
  • Foreign currency bank account number and commitment to pay the stay should be incurred in the same ICAIC.
  • Name and telephone number of contact person in Cuba and abroad.
  • Name, telephone number, fax, email and address of the entity or person who pays the costs at origin and destination, in port and / or airports. ICAIC
  • Confirmation that there are no financial or trade links between the donor and the recipient.

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  • Hello.

    I have numerous types A/V equipment that I no longer use since I retired including a BetacamSP player, Toshiba DVD to VHS recorder / player, Sony DV to VHS recorder / player, Sony Digital Handycam (DCR-VX2000) + accessories (mics, batteries, etc.), Sony GV-D900 NTSC mini DV player / recorder, Sony GV-D300 NTSC mini DV player / recorder along with lots of blank VHS and mini DV tapes. All are in good working order. I would appreciate help in s/h costs.

    If you know of an organization that would be interested in these items, please let me know. I would appreciate help in s/h costs.

    Thank you.

    Jan C.J. Jones, Executive Producer / Writer

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