I’m Canadian and I have a Cuban boyfriend. Can we stay together in hotels or legal homestays? Anywhere in the country?

In response to a direct question about such matters, the Cuban immigration offices in Habana Vieja have said that a foreigner and Cuban are permitted to stay together in either a hotel or legal homestay, including in tourist areas such as Varadero, Viñales, Trinidad, etc., as long as both are officially registered in these installations. In the case of a hotel, this means that the Cuban is registered as a guest sharing the same room as the tourist.

In the case of a legal homestay, this means that the Cuban will be asked by the homestay owner to show his or her Carne de Identidad so that this can be noted down along with the passport of the foreigner, as is required by law.

It is also important to note that as of March 31, 2008, the ban was lifted on Cuban citizens staying in hotels previously reserved for foreigners. At that time, the Ministry of Tourism informed hotels around the country of the change.

3 thoughts on “I’m Canadian and I have a Cuban boyfriend. Can we stay together in hotels or legal homestays? Anywhere in the country?

  • In the Philippines I guess this is not much of a problem especially where foreigners are concerned. We don’t require the submission of marriage certificates or similar documents. Respect for local customs and decency are what we require. What 2 people do in their privacy are no concern to us.
    We had foreigner-guests in our ecofarm Balay Bahay sa Uma in Sorsogon,Philippines: male-and-female, male-and-male, female-and-female whom we took in without reservations at all on our part. They are guests and they should be made to feel as guests.

  • OK – so how do we beat the system. Ive stayed at a Casa particuliar and had girl visit because we know owner. but if we want to stayu at a resort in havana or cayo coco and have a vacation like normal fucking people do – had do we do this. my problem is she works at resort own by military.

  • This isn’t true!
    I am Canadian too, and have been in love with a Cuban woman for a while, and I can tell you that if the woman is NOT MARRIED, she can get in a heap of trouble if she tries to sneak into a hotel room or casa particular with me, because this could be seen as prostitution. WORSE! If she has a respectable job, she could lose it! And YES….they will surely check her Carne de Identidad!!!

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