What is legal to bring to Cuba?

Question: Is there a website that explains what a person can bring and not bring in to Cuba?

Answer: Aduana General de la República de Cuba (General Customs of the Republic of Cuba) has a website, called AduaCuba, which is available in both Spanish and English – although the English section is less detailed – and which can be found at www.aduana.co.cu

As you make your way through the site, you will find information on Customs Declarations, List of Articles that can be brought into the country by visitors, Export Duties, List of articles that are prohibited from entering the country, Articles and Products that can enter the country under certain requirements, etc.

To access the English language section, go to the site’s homepage and, on the right-hand side of the thin blue banner, click on “English” (written in red). This takes you to the “Cuban Customs” page which gives access to the remaining five sections:

  • Cuban Customs
  • You can carry
  • Tourist
  • Customs Declaration
  • You can not carry
  • Need previous permit

On the AduaCuba homepage, there is a new document available, only in Spanish, entitled Normas, Aduana – 2011, Repúbica de Cuba (Norms, Customs – 2011, Republic of Cuba). It is the first edition of the main custom regulations currently in use and can be downloaded as a PDF document. Because so many people – both visitors and Cubans travelling abroad – do not know much about Cuban customs regulations, this document is intended as a corrective to this situation and, by implication, to facilitate and speed up entry into the country. In addition to information about a wide range of issues, the 47-page document also includes examples of various customs forms used by the country, such as the following:

  • Declaración de Aduanas para Pasajeros (upon entry) (Customs Declaration for Passengers)
  • Declaración de Valor o de Operación Temporal sin Carácter Comercial para Pasajeros (upon entry)(Declaration of Value or Temporary Use without a Commercial Character for Passengers)

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  • Good luck with the Cuban Customs site. The Spanish version has more information than does the English version. Unless you are bilingual, you will miss out on many aspects. It is ironic: more tourists who speak English visit Cuba than Spanish speaking tourists; yet all the pertinent information regarding what is allowed and not allowed etc. into Cuba is written in Spanish. Go figure.

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