Are there any baseball camps in Cuba during the Christmas break?

Question: Would like to know if there are any baseball camps in cuba during the christmas break. Would like to travel down for a week or two. Our son is 15 and plays competitive baseball in Canada.

Answer: The first place to start looking for information is Cubadeportes S.A., a state-owned agency coming under INDER (Instituto Nacional de Deportes, Educación Física y Recreación / National Institute for Sports, Physical Education and Recreation) – the Cuban Sports Ministry.

In addition to being the country’s official site for Cuban baseball, Cubadeportes, which you can find at their (both Spanish and English) also includes the Cubadeportes Travel Agency, which provides the following services:

-Scheduled Events: annually organizing over 70 international sports events including guaranteeing the necessary logistics

-Academic Activities: professional training in the field of Sports, Physical Education, Recreation and the Sports-applied Sciences (Sports Medicine)

-Training Camps and Friendly Matches: covers all sports and the friendly matches include National Senior, Junior, Veterans and Infantile teams in over 30 sports disciplines

-Individual Events: depending on the request of the clients

-Sports Tourism

You can also contact Cubadeportes by phone or email at the following:

Telephone (537) 204-0945  to  49

[email protected] or   [email protected]