Are there running clubs in Cuba?

Question: I have just booked my first trip to Cuba for March 2012 and want to do some long runs (16-20 miles) while there. Are there running networks, forums or running clubs in Cuba?

Answer: Cuba’s official marathon website – – does not appear to include any information about a running network, forum or running clubs.

What you might do is to communicate directly by email with the head office of Marabana, the name used when referring to marathons. They would be the best placed to steer you in the right direction for finding out how to contact a running network or clubs. The email address is:

[email protected]

In the subject line, note the following:

Atención: Carlos Gattorno, director de Marabana

From within Cuba, you can contact the head offices of Marabana at the Ciudad Desportiva, a large sports complex located in the municipality of Cerro in the capital city of Havana. To call the Marabana office, the phone number is (537) 641-0911