Can I register in advance for the Nov. 21st, 2011 Marabana marathon?

Question: I would really like to register in advance so as to make travel arrangements and have been unable to from the event website.   Is there any other way of making contact?  The site still has 2010 information.

Answer:  To get the information you need send an e-mail to [email protected] and address it to Carlos Gattorno, director of Marabana.  In speaking with Gattorno he told HT that the sooner the better.  The phone numbers for his offices are 53-7- 641-0911 y 53-7- 641-0953.  He also told us they are having trouble with their website so to please write to the above e-mail address.



2 thoughts on “Can I register in advance for the Nov. 21st, 2011 Marabana marathon?

  • Mary, if you received a reply from the organizers that’s the best we can do. However, hopefully others will write in with some of their experiences regarding your questions. The most important thing is that there should be no problem getting registered and taking part even if there are several unanswered questions at this point.

  • did all of that.. received an email.. but I have no idea when to go to register on the 19th… do I ask a Taxi to take me to the Kid Chocolate Center once I arrive in Havana? How do I pay… and what amount? IT would be great if it could be a little bit less of a guessing game. For example, can I wear a running bra or does the race demand a full top and what about having a music device? Is there a sharing of running clothes after the race… I know for the biking community this is done frequently but I have no idea what is in form for this race.Would really just like to know details or have emails or a site that is fully updated..

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