Can We Visit Havana’s Latinoamericano Stadium

Question:  Hola! I’m taking a group of students to Cuba from May 16 to May 26. Are there baseball games at Estadio Latinoamericano during that time? Are there tours of the ballpark even when games are not being held? Gracias.

Answer: The championship best­-of-seven series of the Cuban Baseball League playoffs will be taking place during the time your group is in Cuba. What we can’t say is who will be the two teams, which will determine where the games are played.  Industriales, the team that plays in Havana’s Latinoamericano has clinched a ticket to the quarterfinal round which is scheduled to begin on April 24th.

As to your other question: Just in case there are no more games in that Latino by the time you arrive, it should be possible to make a group tour at the stadium.

We suggest that you alert the people on the Cuban end who are working out your schedule to the fact that you want to go to a game, or if there is no game, arrange a visit to the ballpark.

There is one other possibility for catching a game without going too far. Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Villa Clara are three teams within one and a half and three hours from Havana that will also be in the quarterfinals and could make it to the championship series. You could work out going to a game at one of those cities with your host.




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  • No dates are set yet for the upcoming Cuban Baseball League. Keep a watch on the website.

  • I will be in Havana the weekend of Sept. 7-9, 2018. Any possibility of catching a ballgame at Latinoamerican Stadium?

  • Not in the top division Cuban league but their are lower division teams that might be playing on the weekends. Where will you be and we may be able to find out?

  • Are there any baseball games at the end of April and beginning of May 2018?

  • Hola,

    I am planning to be in Havana from Nov. 8-11, 2012. I would love to see a baseball game while I’m there. Do you know if the baseball season is going on at this time?

    Thanks for the info.

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