Can you help with Marabana marathon registration info?

Question: I have been unable to register for the marathon because their link ( does not work – do you know of other ways to contact the race organizers?

Answer: The link does work, although not perhaps from your end.  However, as of early August 2010, on their official site – – under Inscripciones (Registrations), the reference is still only to the 2009 marathon and not that planned for this year.

For additional phone numbers, websites, names, etc. which should help steer you in the right direction, please consult the response to the following question listed in Havana Times:

Where can people write for information on the Marabana marathon? Is there a number to call?

The most direct way to get information is to communicate with the head office of Marabana located in Havana, Cuba. The email address is [email protected] and you should note in the subject line the following:

Atención: Carlos Gattorno, director de Marabana

4 thoughts on “Can you help with Marabana marathon registration info?

  • I mean – I will NOW try again.

  • I have also tried to email a translated email to [email protected]. But thanks for the info – I will not try again.
    See you in Havana.

  • I tried e-mailing [email protected] several times in english but didn’t receive a single reply. I used Google Translate to convert my e-mail into spanish & got a reply within 24 hours. I have now pre-registered & as far as I can make out need to pay 60CUC at the office when i arrive in Havana.

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