How can I get tickets to the Cuban Baseball Championship Series?

Question: We will be in Havana over the March 26-27 period and would like to attend some of the final games in the baseball series in the Estadio Latinoamericano. Where do we buy tickets and how much do they cost?

Answer: Some of the final games of this year’s 2010 baseball series in Cuba – between the Industriales (Havana) and Villa Clara – will be taking place in Havana on March 26th, 27th and 28th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Tickets (for tourists) are available for purchase at the stadium itself (Estadio Latinoamericano), costing CUC 3 per person. The Estadio advises that they be purchased at 9am on the day of the game. The phone numbers of the Estadio are (537) 870-6752 and (537) 870-8175.

Built in 1946 as the Estadio del Cerro, named for the municipality in which it’s located, the stadium initially held 34,000 fans. In 1961, it was renamed the Estadio Latinoamericano and has remained one of the country’s most popular stadiums. It hosts Havana’s two Serie Nacional teams, the Industriales and Metropolitanos. In 1971, the stadium was renovated and its seating capacity was expanded to 55,000 fans.

Cuba’s Baseball Season lasts for around six months, during which more than ninety games are played followed by the playoffs. The best players are then selected for the national team, who compete in international competitions.