How can I make contact with the Cuban National Ballet?

Question: I am an established dance photographer from the UK and am visiting havana to pursue my interest later this year. I am wondering how I can make contact with the various organizations where it might be possible to photograph (eg national ballet school).

Answer: When doing professional photographic work in Cuba, it is important to have a sponsoring organization on the Cuban end. In a consultation with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba (BNC), they suggested that you contact the following individual to explore your needs and the best way to proceed:

Mauricio Abreu
Jefe de la Prensa y Publicidad (Head of Press and Publicity)
Ballet Nacional de Cuba
Calzada No. 510
entre D y E
El Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana,Cuba

Telephone (537) 835-2953
Fax (537) 836-3117

email [email protected] (Attention: Mauricio Abreu)

The website for the BNC is

If, as a professional photographer, you intend to publish your photos, you may also have to be accredited with the Centro de Prensa Internacional (CPI or International Press Centre), a process that would have to be transmitted through the Cuban Embassy in London. But Mauricio Abreu is the best placed to indicate what process would be necessary for dance-related photographic work.