How can I see a baseball game while in Cuba?

Question: I’m going to be in Cuba during December and would like to see a Cuban league baseball game if that is possible. Can you help me with this?

Answer: You are coming at the right time.  The Cuban baseball season starts on Nov. 27th and runs through the end of May. Here is the link to the schedule.  If you need further help with specific dates and places let us know.  Tickets can be purchased at the stadiums.

One thought on “How can I see a baseball game while in Cuba?

  • I had the chance to attend a playoffs game between Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba in Camaguey a few years ago and it was an experience I will never forget. The stadium was packed (I could even say it was dangerous, there were people sitting in the stairways) and the energy was amazing. Camaguey ended up losing but we had fun. The tickets were really cheap, 1 CUP if I remember (25 CUP ~= 1 CUC, the tourist money which is worth 1 US$) (but then, it was a cuban friend who bought them, so I dont know if they have a tourist price). I would definitely go back, but in Havana if I have the chance!

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