Is the HT Photo Contest for Foreigners and Cubans?

Question: My husband and I are planning a trip to Cuba over the Easter vacation in April and would like to know if the new Havana Times Photo Contest is open to foreigners as well as Cubans?

Answer: Yes, anyone can participate including both amateur and professional photographers.

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  • Most Cubans that have e-mail get it through their workplaces or through being members of organizations like the journalists and writers and artists associations or doctors and other health workers. Others access e-mail at public facilities. A Cuban can’t contract private Internet service at their home. Some do obtain a connection illegally to access e-mail from home.

  • Hello.
    Two weeks ago I arrived from a 5 week long vacation in Cuba. It was great! I loved it. And of course I met many nice people there. But i don`t understand: Are all cubans allowed to have a e-mail adress,or not?? And how much does it cost?? To open it? Or what is the system? I`v got different information.
    I schould be very pleased if you whill answer this question!! Thank you!

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