Where can I find the official website for the Marabana Marathon?

Question: I am a brazilian runner and I intend to run the Marabana Havana marathon next november, but I can not find an official web site; all i find are tourism sites which I dont know if they are trustable.

The site www.inder.cu/beta/competitions/marabana doesn’t work…Any help?

Answer: The INDER site, which is the official site of the Cuban Sports Ministry, does indeed work and provides all the necessary information for Marabana. Try using this link which seems to work better: http://www.inder.cu/beta/competitions/marathon&race/marabana/sp/index.html

If you are still not able to get into this site from your particular location, you have three options:

1) Send INDER an email at the email address listed in the previous information provided for marathons in Cuba, at [email protected]

2) Call the head offices of Marabana-Maracuba in Havana at (537) 641-0911.

3) Contact the Cuban Embassy in your country, explain your problem with trying to get information online, and ask if they can assist you in making the necessary contacts and signing up for the marathon.

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  • Still having problems with the INDER site…is there a new link for the website for the Marabana Marathon?

  • The INDER site seems to have gone down within the last week.

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