Documentaries in Mexico About Cuban Musicians Miguel Matamoros And Nico Saquito

HAVANA TIMES, April 25 — A documentary with unreleased material about the famous Cuban musician Miguel Matamoros is being featured today in the Mexican city of Merida during the “Spring Cultural Festival,” reports local newspaper Yucatan.

Produced by US citizen Cynthia Bieste, the film is part of a series titled “Golden Trova: A Tribute,” which also includes a historical film about another artist on the island: composer Nico Saquito. That film will premiere next Friday.

The film about Saquito describes the origins of Cuban composer and reveals why he was called “Saquito,” reads the note.

The previous production by Bieste, “Los reyes del son” (The Kings of Son Music), was nominated for a Grammy and was also nominated in the category of “Documentary Feature” at the Oaxaca (Mexico) Independent Film Festival.