FIART Arts and Crafts Fair

HAVANA TIMES, Nov 30.- A huge arts and crafts fair takes place in Havana from December 4-14 with the participation of artisans from 13 countries from Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Open to representative works from the participating artists, the fair seeks not only to be a place for sales but also a cultural exchange between the creators and the public.

The 12th edition of FIART includes sales booths, workshops, a fashion show, expositions and conferences on the development and marketing of visual arts and craftwork.

The products to be sold include furniture, jewelry, clothes, shoes and different interior decorations, which often use mixed techniques and traditional elements with more contemporary trends.

Artisans from all of Cuba’s 14 provinces will be showing the work as well as colleagues from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Havana’s PABEXPO indoor fairgrounds will once again host FIART. The event is organized by the Cuban Cultural Assets Fund.