La Zorra y El Cuervo Jazz Jan. 19-31

Cuban jazz artist Lillia Expósito "Bellita"

HAVANA TIMES, Jan 16 — The La Zorra y El Cuervo Jazz Club located on 23rd St. and O in Vedado brings you nightly performances of some of the best Cuban musicians from 10 pm to 2 am.  Here’s the lineup for January 19-31.

Tuesday, Jan. 19 — Lazaro Valdez and Son Jazz

Wednesday Jan. 20 — Michel Herrera and his group

Thursday Jan. 21 — Roberto Fonseca and Temperamento

Friday Jan. 22 — Oscar Valdez and Diakara

Saturday, Jan. 23 — Sexto Sentido

Sunday, Jan. 24 — Bellita y su Jazztumbata

Monday, Jan. 25 — Alejandro Falcon y Cubadentro

Tuesday, Jan. 26 — Lazaro Valdez and Son Jazz

Wednesday, Jan. 27 — Alexis Bosch and his Cuban Latin Jazz Quintet

Thursday, Jan. 28 — Pablo Menendez and Mezcla

Friday, Jan. 29 — Jesus Fuentes and Conexion Santo Tomas

Satruday, Jan. 30 — Yasek Manzano and his group

Sunday, Jan. 31 — Michel Herrera and his group

Roberto Fonseca: Excelente pianista y compositor, con un estilo muy personal e innovador, sigue diferentes tendencias de la pianística cubana. Ha integrado el Proyecto Buena Vista Social Club y su grupo está integrado por músicos de la talla de Javier Zalba.

Oscar Valdes:  a world famous percussionist and a founding member of Irakere, is one of the precursors of the introduction of batá drums in jazz. He created the Diakara project, in which Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms are mixed with jazz.

Yasek Manzano and his group: An excellent composer and arranger, Manzano won first place in the first edition of the Havana JoJazz festival (1998). He has shared stages with important Cuban and foreign musicians.

Lazaro Valdes y Son Jazz: Pianist, composer and arranger Lazaro Valdes belongs to a family of renowned Cuban musicians. He possesses wide musical experience that comes from his participation as the pianist and musical director of the Banda Gigante de Benny Moré.  His group Son Jazz is an example of the interpretation of Cuban jazz in the styles of other genres such as son, danza, contradanza, danzón and guajira – creating an excellent fusion. His

Michel Herrera: This young saxophonist has received special awards in several editions of the Havana JoJazz festival/competition. He has accompanied noted musicians such as Chicoy, Orlando (Cubajazz), Jorge Reyes and Bobby Carcases. His jazz group is composed of sax, piano, bass, drums and trumpet.

Sexto Sentido: Recognized as the leading female singing ensemble in Cuba, Sexto Sentido is being sponsored by internationally renowned jazz pianist Chucho Valdes.  As the leading quartet of Cuban vocal harmony, they frequently collaborate with artists like Steve Coleman, Pablo Milanes and Silvio Rodriguez, and have worked with contemporary music producers such as Guy Sigswworth and Norman Cook.

Bellita y su Jazztumbata: Bellita is one of the women who have successfully explored Cuban jazz. She is a pianist, composer and manager of the band composed of drums, tenor sax and flute. The group also features Miguel Miranda, who masterfully plays the bass, congas and other Cuban percussion instruments.

Alejandro Falcon y Cubadentro: In 2008, young pianist and composer Alejandro Falcon founded the Cubadentro project, made up of Keisel Jiménez (drums), Sergio Raveiro (bass), Guillermo del Toro (congas). Alejandro was awarded at the 2002 edition of the Havana JoJazz competition and has performed as a part of such emblematic Cuban music bands as Pablo FG Y Su Elite as well as Orlando Valle “Maraca” Y Otra Vision.  He plays jazz with a fusion of European classical music with Cuban roots, interpreting works by Miguel Failde, Ignacio Piñeiro, Ernesto Lecuona —classics of the genre— and other pieces written by himself with his unique and polished style.

Alexis Bosch and his Latin Jazz Cubano Quintet:  Pianist, percussionist, arranger and composer Alexis Bosch was a member of several popular bands in Havana. In 1998 he joined the group Habana Ensemble and is currently one of its arrangers and composers.  Based on his work with that group, and from his own initiative, he has shared stages and recording studios with important figures of world renown. Working now with his own group (Alexis Bosch y Su  Quinteto), he plays his kind of jazz, Latin jazz standards and Cuban music with contemporary arrangements that include fusion with these genres.

Pablo Menendez y Mezcla: Pablo Menéndez is an internationally recognize guitarist, arranger and composer who has explored African and Latin jazz, as well as different styles of Cuban popular music. He has succeeded at an authentic mix of jazz with rock, blues and Cuban folklore – presenting this to the public with high aesthetic value.

Jesus Fuentes and Conexion Santo Tomas: Along with his band, Jesus Fuentes —a saxophonist virtuoso, composer and arranger— has explored Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban sounds and different forms of the island’s popular music. His band not only plays pieces of Cuban jazz, but also Brazilian, Caribbean and US  jazz by musicians such as Charlie Parker and Chick Correa.