Liniker Singing on Havana Times

Por Zahrah

Liniker. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES – Named after British footballer Gary Lineker (who won the Golden Boot during the 1986 World Cup), and born into a family of professional musicians, this Brazilian artist had a name to live up to and at her* young 24 years of age, she has done just that, managing to form a critically-acclaimed band, record an EP, LP, and perform on stages worldwide.

Liniker is a soul and black music artist, whose vocal mastery is as non-binary as her gender, powerful and raw one second and smooth as silk the next, hitting those high notes with effortless ease.

Her band, “Liniker e os Caramelows”, comprised of seven members (including herself) will be performing in Barcelona on July 25th, so if you find yourself nearby, be sure not to miss it! Here is a live version of “Zero” the debut single on EP “Cru”.

*When asked what pronoun the artist preferred during an interview, Liniker said that she prefers the female pronoun as it isn’t as limiting as the male pronoun which places her within the box of masculinity.




Playlist with Liniker:

  1. Zero
  2. Fim de Festa (Itamar Assumpção cover)
  3. Tua
  4. Ralador de Pia
  5. Calmô
  6. Gota
  7. Claridades
  8. Intimidade
  9. Amarela Paixão

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