Peñas de Lynn Milanés

HAVANA TIMES, March 26 Singer Lynn Milanes holds two peñas each week.  On Saturday’s at the Fresa and Chocolate Gallery and on Friday’s at the Bertold Bretch Theater.

Lynn Milanés, daughter of singer/songwriter Pablo Milanes, has performed with figures of Cuban music including Francis del Rio and the  Interactivo project.

Date: Every Saturday  (6:30pm), Every Friday (11:00pm)

Places: Galería Fresa y Chocolate (23 y 12, Vedado), Café Teatro Bertolt Bretch (Linea e I)

Price: Free at the  Galería Fresa y Chocolate and  10.00 MN at the Bertolt Bretch

Telphone: 832 9359 (B. Bretch)