Are American Express traveller’s cheques accepted in Cuba?

Question: I went to get some Amex travellers cheques today to be told that they are no longer accepted and to take cash. As I’m in the country for a month I don’t want to do this. Any advice?

Answer: In a phone consultation with the Banco Financiero Internacional in Vedado, they say that American Express traveller’s cheques are acceptable in Cuba and that they can be cashed at any of their branches throughout the country. This includes their small branches which are located in many tourist hotels.

There is a fixed exchange rate and commission charge, which totals 14%, for using American Express traveller’s cheques. This means that for $100, you would receive CUC 86 (CUC is pesos convertibles).

To use your American Express traveller’s cheques in Cuba, it is required that you have the receipt showing that you purchased them, and that this receipt indicates the number series of your cheques. Without this receipt, you will not be able to use your cheques in Cuba.

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  • I was in Cuba in late July early August. I exchanged Amex TC at a Casa de Cambiar, got a little more than 86 pesos for $100, and did not have to show a receipt.

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