When Tipping, Do Cubans Prefer Regular Pesos or CUCs?

Question: On certain occasions, and to certain persons (ex.: like to room maids) is it more appreciated if you leave tips in Cuban money (ex.: 36 CUP, instead of 1.50 CUC)?

Answer: No doubt they would prefer the CUC since most of what they need to buy in the stores is sold in CUC. But they can purchase the CUCs at the CADECA change houses at 25 CUP for one CUC.

2 thoughts on “When Tipping, Do Cubans Prefer Regular Pesos or CUCs?

  • strangely, Tipping is something Americans like to do. I do not tip. Why you wonder? Because the money are not taxable. I can not give 10% of the bill to a waiter. Waiter needs proper salary, pay taxes so they can afford social and health insurance. In US it is typical fake smile, 10 times to come to check if your burned stake is delicious. In Cuba, I tip already when I sit down, and I do not know about it đŸ˜‰ of-course I do, but do not let them to go away with it every time.

  • i agree they would prefer CUC as some things they want to buy are sold in CUC but also they pay for many things in pesos as well so either one would be greatly appreciated as the monthly salary is very low for them

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