Alfredo vs. British Petroleum

Alfredo Fernandez

Cuba nature photo by Lisduania Victorero

Perhaps everything began with the naive idea of Auguste Comte that science would solve humanity’s problems.  Later this “saving science” would perfect the military industry to the point that today one needs only press a button to release a bomb capable of terminating all life on the planet. That’s why it I’m not surprised that a transnational corporation like British Petroleum (BP) extracts fuel from sea depths with equipment that is less than foolproof.

The oil spill —which began April 20 in the Gulf of Mexico when a BP well exploded— puts emphasis on an issue that continues being dealt with in the media still well below the expectations of environmentalists and scientists.

Since the 1960s such individuals have been the most conscious exponents of the acceleration of environmental deterioration by human action.  This is why they’re trying to convince the big corporations, which have been causing the greatest damage, of the vital importance of creating more sustainable forms of production.  It has been demonstrated that this is possible, though it would imply huge losses by this transnational.

It seems that these owners of corporations have as their only goal in life leaving money for their children, with the sole inconvenience being that to enjoy so much money they’ll need a planet on which to do it.

Astute business leaders “lobby” in the most dissimilar forums to halt proposals that would lead to a healthy environmental.  Even so, I would like to think that the epoch of these men has begun its decline, it doesn’t matter that during the Bush administration they benefitted from laws that aided their selfishness, because the good of all of us united will save humanity.

Last Sunday I turned to the call from my friend Erasmo Calzadillato to plant trees on the outskirts of Havana, because everything is clear like never before; otherwise those sons of bitches are going to put an end to the world.

We on the side of good must unite for once and for all.  We must put our commonalities above our differences.  I have to recognize it; the irresponsibility of BP was the last straw.  For once and for all I have become an environmentalist.