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By Alfredo Fernandez

HAVANA TIMES – This is the article, yes, this one right here is the one where you will learn everything you need to know about having the right attitude in the middle of a pandemic.

You will learn to laugh in spite of everything, because if you haven’t realized already this is what everything is about nowadays, laughing, for whatever reason, staying happy, even if you have lost your job, or your partner has left you. 

Don’t worry, carry on laughing, never stop laughing. At the end of the day, this is what life is about, even if there is no reason to do so. It doesn’t even matter if you’re wearing a mask and nobody can see you smiling, because your eyes give it away, you are happy, and that’s what’s most important.

Coaching (don’t even say it) already has everything ready and figured out so that even if you become infected with COVID-19, you never stop laughing. The alternative, being sad or bitter, is horrible because it will attract bad energy and, as a result, bad people. Then, comes bad company, then bad business and, as you can clearly see, you fall into a pit of never-ending misfortune.

Because if you haven’t yet realized, you are a magnet and your luck depends solely and exclusively on what you think, so it’s crucial you remain happy because happy thoughts inevitably attract happy situations.

This is a synthesis of most of what is circulating on social media, nowadays: “moral philosophy” if we can say that. It has been manipulated to fall into the hands of liars and opportunists, and even though I have already spoken about this here on HT before, I think it deserves new attention because of the invasion of these masters of fate in our everyday lives.

“Nicomachean ethics” is the name of Aristotles’ book that he wrote for his son, leaving some life lessons so he could handle the inevitable ups and downs in life, a little better at least. Then, some centuries later, Epicurus came up with a new moral philosophy for living life, adding the possibility of the intelligent quest for happiness in pleasure, ataraxia and forming friendships.

With the turn of the 21st century, the idea that everything is within our reach bursted into our lives, God knows why. What came next? Most of the Western world went on a stampede for fame, wealth, and everything else in a single lifetime.

What single lifetime? I mean a few years. Of course, it is possible -experts say – and there is proof. A young man by the name of Mark Zuckerberg had one great idea and he was followed by some friends, they all became multimillionaires. Yes, yes it is possible say life coaches all over the world.

The legacy of Epicurean philosophy was manipulated, falling into the hands of the worse of Mindfulness yogis and that’s where we’re at right now, these guys are cashing in on everything and this pandemic is no exception. They need you now to make the most of your time, to read I don’t know how many self-help books, to set up a business, online, of course.

They attack your self-esteem, so they can rope you in “… if you are this old and you don’t have this many things and you haven’t traveled to this many places, then you are stupid, or in the best of cases, a failure,” then, everything is much easier.

“Come, enroll on this course, where you will learn how to vibrate in the same frequency as money in just 7 days. You’ll even be able to attract it in your sleep. This course normally costs 1,500 USD, but if you sign up today, we’ll give it to you for the affordable price of only $399.” It’s that simple. You don’t need anything else, but hurry, maybe and if you do decide to enrol, this offer might not be available for this course anymore after a couple of days.

Stupidity is the most highly-sought-after product, nowadays. Legions of human beings who are looking for a stroke of luck, sign up to the call from the first scam artist that shows up, which is so sad that it makes you want to laugh, and not exactly in a good sense, but a cruel laughter, the kind that comes from the fool’s nonsense of thinking that they don’t need to put in any effort to getting something.

I also worship this laughter, I try to laugh whenever I can, when I hear a good joke or when I try and face the day with a smile on my face, I do believe in that, but not in the easy smile as an escape for something that needs contemplation instead of laughing it off. Contemplation, which a lot of the time, invites pain, anger and even tears.

Alfredo Fernandez

Alfredo Fernandez: I didn't really leave Cuba, it's impossible to leave somewhere that you've never been. After gravitating for 37 years on that strange island, I managed to touch firm ground, but only to confirm that I hadn't reached anywhere. Perhaps I will never belong anywhere. Now I'm living in Ecuador, but please, don't believe me when I say where I am, better to find me in "the Cuba of my dreams.