Orlando Lago, a Horror Story

Media Luna, Granma, Cuba in Red

By Ammi

HAVANA TIMES – Orlando Lago is from the town of Media Luna, in Granma province. He has announced there is a dictatorship in Cuba after the Government failed to take a stance in his son’s murder, while serving mandatory military service.

Here is his testimony:

“People of Cuba, what we are living right now is no secret to anyone, hypocrisy rules. We have been victims of problems that are far from being resolved in the short-term, as the Government has made it its job to justify everything that is wrong and never finds a solution to problems that affect it politically.

I’ve been fighting for three years, in a process that has involved different institutions, and the only future I have right now is to be humiliated in front of a corrupt court and be arrested and sentenced to jail. I see abuse of power every day, by leaders, criminals, traitors who are involved in gang attacks, thugs, serious violations of the Constitution…

My son, Orlando Vega, was murdered in his sleep, at the military unit where he was serving mandatory military service. Why was he killed? For what? Where are the culprits? They didn’t want to investigate; however, the accomplice of my son’s murder walks free, while the police are trying to put me behind bars because of my statements.

This whole tragedy began in the neighborhood, a problem between neighbors, over the construction of an illegal garage that affects my home, and the owner is a member of the Communist Party, Juan Sergio Ferrer Carrillo. Cuba will go down in History as the place where corruption triumphs over truth, even if it costs lots of innocent people’s lives.”

Orlando Lago (son) was murdered while serving his military service at the La Lisa prison military unit in Valla Grande, and the Government is now waging a vendetta against his parents (threatening them with prison, under false charges) because they are demanding a proper investigation of the events.

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