Social Uprising on the Horizon in Cuba

By Ammi

HAVANA TIMES – Dissatisfaction of the Cuban people is widespread. Thousands of complaints on social media prove that the Cuban Government isn’t making any effort to resolve its citizens most basic and pressing needs. Human rights violations, the crisis of food shortages, a public health system in ruin and constant blackouts, are testing the Cuban people’s patience.

Here are some comments taken from social media:

Yanilis Sariego from Cardenas, Matanzas: I’m at the hospital right now, my son has severe abdominal pain. There aren’t any ambulances, he was at school when he began to feel sick and he couldn’t even be taken to the nearest doctor’s office. He got to the hospital (using my own means), got him to do a urine test and I could hardly breathe as soon as we went into the bathroom, it was horrendously dirty, cockroaches everywhere and leaks, and as if that wasn’t enough, there wasn’t any water. This Revolution stinks!!

Noemi Caballero: There isn’t any food or money. Every day, it’s a headache to think about what my children are going to eat, and on top of that, you have the really tough electrical situation across the country. I have a 1 year old son, and sometimes he can’t have lunch because I can’t blend his food in the blender, as we’re tormented with blackouts for 6 hours per day. Sometimes, I go to heat food up and it’s spoiled, even the baby’s yogurt, because the fridge has been off. Sleepless days and nights, the current situation is desperate, I live in a constant state of stress.

Ketty Guinarte Flores, Contramaestre, Santiago de Cuba: My daughter hasn’t gone to school for two days now, there’s no electricity to cook, I can’t rest at night and she just can’t study like this.

Alina, San Antonio: Yesterday, at the fodder factory (located on the border of San Antonio and Güira) someone wrote on a wall “Patria y Vida” (Homeland and Life). People are showing signs of not being able to tolerate the situation anymore and the Government isn’t listening. Instead, they only decided to paint over the graffiti on the wall and put red beret special police in the area.

The clock is ticking for a social uprising, there is a sad silence on the street, but internal cries are threatening to break out at any moment now.  

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2 thoughts on “Social Uprising on the Horizon in Cuba

  • If there is to be another protest like July 11 last year, i hope the people protesting will focus on lack of basic necessities to survive… and not go after the government because they will only get tossed into jail… and accomplish nothing. Let the world see you protest for common human rights like access to food, transportation, medicine, and electricity, the world does not to get embroiled in another battle with a dictator or autocrat. but the world will open their eyes and hearts and arms and hear your cries of suffering,,, so despite your evil leaders, try and keep politics out of it. we know Miguel is dictator hellbent to keep Cuba docile , cowed. but police ther cannot toss them into jail for crying hunger, pain, exhaustion to just survive.

  • The Cuban Horizon is in the eyes of the Cubanos, Very dark future unless the Revolutionaries are put in their place once & for all, Regime or Street Bullies, Thugs from the back streets of Cuba that think they can control the hearts & minds of the Cuban people with fear intimation as the World is watching on. Every true comment is reaching the free world & with our pressure on all Governments to stop the funding of the Communist Regime in all Cuba will create positive change for the Cuban People. You need to break a few eggs & there are No eggs in all Cuba to break to bake your cake, They are coming.

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