Cuba: Love Will Achieve What War Couldn’t

“It’s time to make peace, to move ahead and to begin again” – Jared Leto

Carlos Fraguela

HAVANA TIMES — In a show of maturity, two leaders chose the good of the people. The people expressed their gratitude, repaying the gesture with wisdom and the will to work together for peace and mutual trust, for the benefit of the entire world.

The time has come for people to better themelves and work for justice for everyone on the planet. The global crisis we are facing must lead to the conservation and enrichment of the human spirit, through the protection of all existing nationalities, without exception.

Governments must act as true leaders of their peoples, providing them with the most unbiased information, in order to reach the common goal of defending the rights of all living beings on the planet. Only those people who have discovered the power of love and its ability to defeat evil can change what needs to be changed.

Despite its long history of emasculating repression and the darkness of ignorance and fear that isolation from the rest of the world has bred, our society has managed to give birth to free spirits.

The normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba is the beginning of Cuba’s integration into the world it is part of.

President Obama has acknowledged the contributions to US society that Cuba’s émigré community has made over time. Cuba has a lot more to offer the world. It harbors a free culture that has been forced to exist in the shadows, a society that lives and reverberates every day, removed from the theatrics of the news dished out by our orthopedic TV sets, news that is ignorant of the people’s true opinions.

Some years ago, Raul Castro spoke of doing away with dishonesty. He said that people had to begin identifying problems with sincerity and speak about them so as to establish an exchange of information between the government and people and overcome these. Today’s technologies allow for this and it is time to give the people free access to information, to encourage their creative capacities and to allow them to express their ideas as to how to overcome the domestic and international conflicts of the day.

The government must represent the interests of its people; otherwise, no understanding or development is possible. To underestimate the creative capacity of the people is the death sentence of a government that believes it holds the absolute truth in its hands and turns its back on the interests of its subjects.