The Pleasures of Loving Animals

Carlos Fraguela

HAVANA TIMES — I am grateful to life for giving me the opportunity to be reborn in the beauty of nature, humanity, plants and – most especially – animals.

Few of those who know me recall the keen interest in veterinary sciences I once had. As a child, I would dream of curing animals when they got sick. I was such a bad student that my grade average wasn’t enough to pursue this dream.

That setback, however, never distanced me from the creatures around me, particularly wild ones.

I loved lizards and frogs and Cuban snakes would hypnotize me, even though I was often surrounded by people who were afraid of nearly all of these animals.

Today, I wonder what it was that always drove me to them. Perhaps it’s because I always regarded them as equals, or perhaps because I had already begun to suspect how important they would be for me forever.

I am always surrounded by animals. Animals never tire of saving my life. I feel I have a special bond with each one, like the ones we have with relatives. Every bond to a living being brings us in contact with life and distances us from death – this is how I see it.

A friend gave me a number of videos dealing with animals and the amazing things they do. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my life: beings that experience feelings and behave in much the same way we do.

Seeing this makes me think that it is likely many of the things I see animals do in these documentaries that thrill me were taught us by animals long ago.

In exchange for all things learned, humanity has belittled animals and, in most cases, deprived them of their rights as inhabitants of the planet.

In a world as messed up as ours, any kind of peaceful relationship with these lovely neighbors is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of the prevailing pollution, a place one can get away from hatred.

Carlos Fraguela

Carlos Fraguela: I am a lover of freedom, nature, decorative arts, music, technology and humans. I can’t stand human stupidity, although I understand that it exists as part of an imperfect everything. I reject abusers and parasites. I like to dive and share with my friends. I work in restoration and the only time I've ever been bored is when I have been admitted to a hospital. Sex and friendship are my only Gods.

2 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Loving Animals

  • Great Article! Many of us animal lovers will not go to this country in fear of seeing the death of an animal after being poisoned at one of the resorts or taken away. If there were resources so tourists could rescue an animal maybe more caring people would go. They go once, never to return and then tell others who never will go. A good portion of money for Cubans come from tourists but not from the caring animal loving tourists. Many of the tourists care for other perks, encouraging prostitution and what goes with it. There would be more $$$$ if Cuba also catered to the caring animal lovers. Many seniors would go and spend months there and even help to care for the animals. These seniors would not be ones that are into prostitution and cheap alcohol. Is there any chance any resorts will take these other potential tourists into consideration??? Vulnerable ones are being swayed by facebook groups that have travel agents posting glorious comments and bullying any that post of what happens to the animals. These posters care more about their perks then animals or humans.

  • Carlos querido!!! Go back to school and learn to be a vet tech or veterinary assistant! It’s never too late!! Buena suerte!

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