Ortega’s Separate Reality Rivals Donald Trump’s

Former U.S. President Donald Trump (left) and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (right). Photo: Creative Commons

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES – In the United States it’s the Big Lie, still being put forth nearly two years since Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden. Likewise, the Trump fairytale that the people who stormed the US Congress building on January 6, 2021 were peace-loving patriots.  With mid-term congressional elections less than three months away, many Republican candidates self-servingly continue to echo Trump’s separate reality.

Nonetheless, Daniel Ortega and his wife/VP/spokesperson Rosario Murillo have clearly outdone Trump in projecting their extreme popularity. While Trump continues to proclaim himself as a popular president that should still be in the White House, Ortega/Murillo go a little further.

The Nicaraguan couple have a polling firm working for them that every few months puts out numbers showing they are close to being the most popular government on the planet. This, despite the events of the last four+ years in which the duo has done everything imaginable to alienate as many citizens as possible, clinging to power by sheer force. If you’re not aware of what’s been happening in Nicaragua, please take a look here at our coverage.

The following graphic is from the latest polling by M & R Consultants to boost the Ortega-Murillo separate reality.

Here are some highlights of how Nicaraguans see their country according to the Ortega-Murillo government’s pollsters:
85.3% say freedom of expression is respected in Nicaragua
82.1% say fundamental rights are respected
69.2% are satisfied with the functioning of democracy in the country
75.8% say Nicaragua is a country that offers citizen safety
86.1% believe there is religious freedom
77% say freedom of the press is observed
80.8% say human rights are observed in Nicaragua
70.2% say Daniel Ortega is taking the country in the right direction.
72.6% say Ortega is a democratic president who abides by the laws