Condoms for Men Who Have Sex with Men

Daisy Valera

Photo by Caridad

The conversation I had the other day with three friends came out of the almost naked phallus of that actor who played a bull in the play “Fiesta Brava,” which was dedicated to an analysis of the brutality of bullfighting.

It’s easy to move from the issue of an almost naked phallus to that of the new condoms being sold in Cuban pharmacies.

The new condoms come inside a black packet that on it has the word “Vigor” written in silver. If you look closely you’ll discover that instead of the usual picture of a woman and man hugging, there’s the image of two men hugging.

The truth is these condoms are for men who have sex with other men.  This can be confirmed when you open the black container; along with two condoms, you’ll see another silver-colored packet that reads “water-soluble lubricant.”

Learning this in my conversation with these friends, I was astounded and thrilled.  The fact that these packets of condoms are now sold for one peso [about four cents USD] in pharmacies signifies an accomplishment on the part of institutions that have struggled for respect for homosexuals in our country.

In our conversation there also surfaced homophobic opinions, almost unavoidable in Latin countries.  We wound up ignoring those of that type, lacking logic and solid arguments.

But what caught my attention was the last point made by one of my friends in the conversation. “And my 33.3 centavos? [about one penny USD]” she protested, bringing to light one little analyzed aspect.

It’s true that the usual packages of condoms go for one Cuban peso, while at the same price these new ones have only two condoms and the lubricant, which my female friend doesn’t need at all.  The question becomes serious if you’re limited to only acquiring these types of condoms for the entire year.  You have to spend more money.

Here ends the discussion, me waiting for pharmacies to sell both of the kinds of condoms mentioned.  Achieving this we could keep homosexuals in mind while respecting the rights of the rest of people and their 33.3 centavos.

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  • As long as it’s not made in China, it’s fine.

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