Assange and the Secrets

Dariela Aquique


HAVANA TIMES — In a recent article by Haroldo Dilla, referring to the much-talked-about case of Julian Assange, he expresses his approval for Wikileaks and its intention to contribute to the sacred right of information and the pursuit of democracy.

I join this idea and would like to contribute something more from my perspective.

I think Assange is one of those citizens of the world who do not profess an affiliation, neither left nor right. He is a freethinker, passionate about the real opportunities provided by technology.

This is what he placed in the service of people when so many documents, cables and videos revealed the many inconvenient truths about those who hold the handle of the global political and economic skillet.

This is why Assange represents a danger to any state, because their little previously well-concealed secrets are now in the hands of everyone.

He is a kind of cyber Don Quixote for having toppled several furtive windmills and for of course his having to hold out against a siege. I think that’s why we have the story of the Swedish Christian and her sexual trauma.

But what about Mr. Correa, who is part of the new group of Latin American populists? Wasn’t he warned by his colleagues of the double edge that can present itself in protecting the controversial Assange?

It’s also a chance to go it on his own, in the worn out give-and-take of the poor nations of Latin America, defending irrevocable sovereignty while the European capitalist powers are eager to

disrespect those on the other side.

We all know that the strategy aims to extradite the Wikileaks founder to the United States, which would be fatal.

Hopefully good fortune will accompany this man, who sooner or later will eventually ride out the siege, though so far the Yankee masters have shown no signs of giving up.

Until that happens — whether from Quito or the Amazon — it would be great if Wikileaks continued revealing secrets. If so, many of those human rights abusers would be discovered and would have to cease.

Hopefully this would also reach Cuba, where secrecy and secrets are already a way of life.

2 thoughts on “Assange and the Secrets

  • the prosecution of julian assange is a vexatious prosecution because in the normal course of events guilt could not be proven beyond reasonable doubt. he said-she said.

  • the writers of the naked capitalism website believe that julian assange was set up. his accusers in sweden are not genuine. it would not surprise me. with julian in the ecuadorean embassy all those out to give him a big problem are looking extremely foolish.

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