The Death of the Blog

Photo: Caridad

Dmitri Prieto

HAVANA TIMES — Blogs — this one, or any other one — bark into cyberspace.

One can go with their laptop to a rare place in Havana where they can catch a WiFi signal.

For example, Karl Marx Park, where we protested against capitalism.

Close by there’s the Design Institute, where they have WiFi.

Sitting in the park, open the laptop.

Write in the secret password to connect to WiFi.

Open the blog.

Pull out the pistol, or — better yet — a revolver. Like the one possessed by a member of the Critical Observatory.

(Can anyone doubt that a person in the Critical Observatory has a gun?)

Load the gun.

Shoot at the blog on the laptop screen.

Observe how it bleeds.

Now they will have no more chance of barking into cyberspace.


One thought on “The Death of the Blog

  • Somehow, Dimitri, the above reminds me of something the great Mayakovsky would write, if somehow he was transported from the early part of the last century to our own times!

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