Cuba Is a Moral Superpower

By Elio Delgado Legon

Cuban doctors arriving to South Africa.

HAVANA TIMES – The statement that Cuba is a medical superpower has been called into question by the Revolution’s enemies and people on their payroll. In order to give some credit to their opinions on this matter, they have tried to tarnish the country’s reputation, spreading evil slander around the globe that Cuba is exploiting doctors, calling it modern slavery and human trafficking.

These ideas have been repeated to death and have tried to stop many governments from receiving medical cooperation efforts from Cuba. However, many countries have found themselves in a critical situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and have asked for Cuba’s help.

Forty countries from all of the continents have received Cuban medical cooperation, with 57 brigades taking part that belong to the Henry Reeves specialized medical contigent that provides assistance in emergencies and serious epidemics, which over 28,000 health professionals joined, who were already working in 66 countries.

The brigades have come back victorious in every instance, after having received gratitude from the governments and people they helped. Statistics that reflect this work speak for themselves in Cuba’s almost 60 years of medical cooperation efforts abroad since May 21, 1963. That was when Cuba officially began its international medical cooperation and it sent its first brigade to Argelia, sending doctors from the few that existed on the island.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, when every country in the world and World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization have stressed the need for solidarity in the fight against this awful disease, the US government has dedicated itself to toughening sanctions against Cuba. It dictated 243 measures to make it even harder for Cuba to fight the pandemic, and maybe even to try and hinder its medical cooperation efforts with other nations.

However, they weren’t successful and these efforts were crushed, again, as the Cuban people have resisted the new attacks and are working on all fronts to push the country forward towards progress.

In a recent speech before the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, an organization where Cuba has Observer State status, Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel said:

“I want to inform the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council that if we have managed to withstand the pandemic and to achieve encouraging results, it is first and foremost thanks to the firm determination of the people to defend the political system chosen by the majority, the essence of which is our welfare policy that puts human lives above any material or immaterial product.

“Stemming from this principle, Cuba has articulated a quality healthcare system that is universal in access and free, which is managed by a government based on science and innovation, that favors a cross-sectional approach between the academic and production sectors, as well as goods and services.

“It is thanks to this that Cuban science, its scientists, researchers and health personnel, ensure that we are able to produce 85% of medicines on the national action plan to fight the pandemic, while it is developing five potential vaccines, that are in different phases of clinical trials.”

The Cuban people have resisted the blockade for over 60 years, they have resisted an economic war on every front and have never stopped collaborating with every country that has asked for its help, not giving leftovers, because we don’t have leftovers, but sharing whatever we have with those in need. This proves that Cuba is not only a medical superpower, but also a moral superpower that will crush any attempt to destroy what the Cuban people have built, which they are immensely proud of.

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6 thoughts on “Cuba Is a Moral Superpower

  • Cuba is a success that is morally superior in many ways.

  • Mr Legon

    Are you for real or looking elected to a corrupt outdated regime ??????

  • Readers are very interested to know How Much you are being Provided from the Cuban Regime for your Trying To Mislead us that Cuba has the perfect System if Only Those Dam Yanks were not in the way, If it was Not the Yanks the Blame would Go to the Canadians for being to Dam Cold & eat to much. Got to Blame Mexico then as well since they have become such strong Trade partners with Canada. As Canadians See it, Cuba thinks it is the Perfect National or World Political System & The Rest of the World is all Screw up. OK lets talk about this with JUST TRASH some more & see who is interested for the best growth of Cuba. Eilo The Cuban Regime is Worried & They should be, Why they have the most to lose when Cuba Now has opened a Door that will never Close showing the Abuse Hidden for 60 plus Lethal Revolution Death years. Cuba has been Caught with their Pants down & shows the world they have No Balls. LOL as the World watches

  • Enough of the great healthcare, the free education. there is no food for the citizens, Russia, China & Vietnam would sell food to Cuba but it must pay its bills

  • The tone and rhetoric in this article is so 1950s Cuba. It is as though Cuba, according to Elio, is still fighting a cold war that has since been more than forgotten, and pushed into the ash heaps of history.

    The vernacular references to war like words: “The brigades”; “. . .the Cuban people have resisted the new attacks. . .”; “. . .these efforts were crushed, again, . . .”; “. . . with 57 brigades. . .”; “. . . an economic war on every front . . .” all can be read with much interest in any historical war novel or documentary on television. The war like words sound like the state run Cuban television commercials interspersed before the nightly news every evening extolling the 1950s Revolution.

    Elio begins his diatribe by questioning those individuals who have the gull and tenacity to question Cuba’s medical superiority: “The statement that Cuba is a medical superpower has been called into question. . .”

    Do Cuban citizens, first and foremost, and then those not living on the island, not have the human right to question Cuba’s medical prowess when Cuban children go to bed at night in such an itchy skin situation that the children’s parents are pulling their hair out trying to figure out how to alleviate their little ones from the ever present easily eradicated, scabies.

    How can any communist Cuban government authority figure or government supporter, unabashedly, claim – “Cuba is a medical superpower” – when many Cuban children must suffer needlessly while the communist government has no compunction to send its very qualified medical personnel oversees to help other countries with their medical emergencies while putting their own citizens in a scabies situation. Where is the moral superiority in that?

    Any reasonably intelligent person with some understanding of the duality of the communist system realizes there is some nefarious goings on here that makes no sense. Or, perhaps it makes complete sense if the Cuban government is in such dire economic straits it must use all of its country’s resources and that includes its highly educated and qualified medical personnel to be “rented” out to any country in need and with pockets full of pay for the Cuban government.

    That makes sense. The poor Cuban, and unfortunately the majority of Cuban citizens are dirt poor, has no human rights in a totalitarian system; all residents living in a totalitarian system must sacrifice themselves unwillingly at all cost while keeping their mouths shut for the glory and sake of the Cuban nation and if that requires a scabies sacrifice, so be it. Moral authority where necessary but Cuban authority not necessarily to be moral.

    The Cuban communist government machine is on speed dial to “inform” its residents that they are doing all they can to help but it is those, to use the war like vernacular, “enemy aliens” living to the north of Havana who are at fault and have the Cuban people by the proverbial throat.

    It is very condescending when the Cuban government medical authorities recommend to Cubans, the ones with the children who do not have access to American dollars to perhaps purchase a tube of lotion for some immediate relief, to use locally grown herbs to treat their scabies sickness.

    When Cuba has totally eradicated scabies on behalf of all Cuban children from the island and Cuban children can go to bed itch less and have a restful sleep, then, and only then will this critical medical scabies eradication prove “ . . that Cuba is not only a medical superpower, but also a moral superpower . . . ”

  • What a ridiculous assertion. Cuba is morally bankrupt. They arrest LGBT people and exclude them from equality. They arrest artist, bloggers and journalists. The $50 a month doctors are held prisoner and not allowed to move from Cuba. That is slavery. Better to have student loans than a lifetime of servitude to the dictatorship.

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